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We know how to tell the stories that matter, about people who bring creativity, dedication and integrity to what and how we eat. If clean, fair and sustainable food is your passion, we’d love to share your story with our audience. We’re knowledgeable in the topics we cover, we make the process easy and enjoyable, and produce engaging and informative articles that help you reach your audience as well as gain exposure to other media outlets.


“As a farmer that is deeply committed to the long term health of consumers, soils, animals and our planet….Ethical Foods is a critical educational link. Earth is a very small place and we must ethically nourish it, ethically protect it and ethically cultivate it as if our lives depend on it…because it does.

“We have learned that consumers will follow a good mission if there is good leadership. Ethical Foods provides that good educational leadership.”

Mark McAfee
Dairyman, CEO
Organic Pastures Raw Dairy


“The Ethical Foods interview process was really straightforward.  In other instances where we have been interviewed by the media, our comments have been used out of context and edited in odd ways, but the Ethical Foods question and answer format really allowed us to share our thoughts clearly.  The food choices we make have a huge impact on our personal wellness and the wellness of the planet so we are glad that Ethical Foods is helping to educate people about their choices by sharing these important stories of food.”

Jared Regier
Chain Reaction Urban Farm


“We appreciate Ethical Foods’ work of educating customers on the importance of making educated decisions on how to improve our planet’s sustainability while dining out. Education is key, and Ethical Foods covers the Green Dining scene, so customers can become more educated and empowered to affect positive change.”

Michael Oshman
Green Restaurant Association


“It was a true honor and pleasure to have CropMobster featured by Their mission is crucial, it gave us great exposure and their team was both talented and easy to work with.”

Nick Papadopoulos
Co-Founder & CEO


“I could not believe the response to the story ran on my small scale quail business. Through exposure on their site the interest in my product increased tremendously and led to several other articles and writeups. I still get calls, sometimes from across the country from people who read about me on”

Molly Myerson
Owner & Farmer
Little Wing Farm


“It was a pleasure being interviewed by for their article on our food recovery program. I was particularly impressed by their insightful questions. Because it does such a good job of capturing the essence of our mission and our program, we continue to provide reprints of the article to our supporters and partners.”

Marv Zauderer
Founder and Chairman


“Ethical foods is an extremely valuable part of the conversation we are having about how food connects us to the land and each other. Too much emphasis on products weakens these connections. Ethical Foods strengthens our connections by celebrating and demonstrating basic values—just what we need now, more than ever!”

Claire Hope Cummings
Author, Journalist
Uncertain Peril


“I highly recommend this publication for their high-quality work with the deep issues surrounding food, how it is grown, and how it is consumed. We all face this on our plates in one way or the other three times a day. Thank you!”

Darren Bender-Beauregard
Brambleberry Permaculture Farm LLC


“We’re grateful to for their work to spread awareness about The GrowHaus’ mission to serve as a community-driven hub for food production, distribution and education. Publications like are essential partners in helping us make access to fresh, healthy food a right for all, not just a privilege for some.”

The GrowHaus Staff

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