Sustainable Kitchen Guide

How to cook, clean, reduce waste and shop for the healthiest food within your budget

Understanding egg labels

How To Buy Eggs

With so many labels out there that both inform and mislead, here’s what you need to know about how to buy healthy, humanely produced eggs.… Read more

Grow Your Own Food & Community Foodshed

Can you and your neighbors produce a complete diet for the community from your own home gardens? Owen Dell believes so, and gives his tips… Read more

How To Buy Sustainable Produce

The best fresh produce is local, seasonal and organically grown…but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be sporting an organic label. Learn about the issues… Read more
How to eat organic for less

How To Eat Sustainable Clean Food On A Budget

Healthy. Local. Seasonal. Organic. Our best tips on buying sustainable food for less. 1. Drastically reduce the amount of processed foods you buy Processed foods… Read more

How To Buy Milk, Cheese & Dairy

Over the past 50 years the answer to a simple question—where does milk come from?—has changed. Here’s what you need to know about where modern… Read more
Climate Change And Shellfish

How To Buy Sustainable Seafood

Not only do we love eating fresh seafood, we also choose it for its health benefits.  Now, with the ocean under attack from climate change… Read more

How To Buy Local Seasonal Food

Eating local, seasonal foods is healthier for you and the planet.  Here are our favorite tips to help you buy local seasonal food. Community Supported… Read more

How To Buy Eco Conscious Drinks

Tips for buying sustainable and responsibly produced drinks. Guide menu (click on any menu item and go directly to that section) Wine Beer Tea Coffee… Read more

How To Buy Meat

There are many reasons to avoid eating meat unless you know how it was produced. Learn what the issues are, how to navigate the confusing… Read more

How To Buy Chicken & Poultry

Everything you need to know to buy healthy, sustainable, humanely raised poultry. Want to know how to buy healthy eggs? Click here to jump to… Read more