Sustainable Kitchen Guide

How to cook, clean, reduce waste and shop for the healthiest food within your budget

How to buy meat

There are many reasons to avoid eating meat unless you know how it was produced. Learn what the issues are, how to navigate the confusing world of meat labels and use our checklist to find the best beef, lamb, goat and pork.

  • Health concerns
  • Animal welfare
  • Environmental issues
  • Understanding labels
  • Checklist for buying humane, healthy goat, lamb, pork and beef
  • What is good meat: the bottom line in what to look for

If you are buying meat from a source you have not vetted, it almost certainly came from a concentrated animal feeding operation, or CAFO. Although you may find this meat for an affordable price at the market, the cost of supporting CAFOs is anything but cheap. (read more…)

How to buy humane, organic eggs

With so many labels out there that both inform and mislead, here’s what you need to know about how to buy healthy, humanely produced eggs.

  • What to avoid
  • Understanding labels
  • The importance of free range and pastured eggs
  • Checklist for buying great eggs
  • Where to find healthy, humane eggs

Eggs have gone from a cheap kitchen staple to a costly and often confusing part of our grocery bill. With pasture raised eggs totting up to $8 a dozen, you could be forgiven for looking for cheaper options. However, navigating the sea of labels and claims on egg cartons—everything from cage free to DHA enhancedpractically requires an advanced degree. You have to learn a whole new language to decipher the meaning behind the marketing jargon, which creates an illusion of value in order to get you to fork out the extra money while feeling you are making a healthier, more humane choice. But are you? (read more…)

How to buy humane, healthy poultry

What you need to know to buy healthy, humanely raised poultry: chicken, duck and turkey.

  • Know the issues
  • Understanding labels
  • The importance of free range and pasture raised
  • Checklist for buying healthy humane poultry
  • Where to buy poultry

(read more…)

How to buy ethical and healthy milk and dairy

Over the past 50 years the answer to a simple question—where does milk come from?—has changed. Here’s what you need to know about where modern milk comes from, how to evaluate milk labels and how to buy humane, healthy dairy products.

  • What are the issues with conventional dairy?
  • Are dairy cows given hormones?
  • Do dairy farms pollute?
  • What is the connection between dairy and veal?
  • Is certified organic milk better?
  • Pasture based dairies
  • 100% grassfed and seasonal dairies
  • Checklist for buying milk
  • Questions to ask your dairy farmer
  • Where can I buy pasture raised dairy?
  • Alternatives to milk

(read more…)

How to buy healthy, chemical free and fresh produce

How to evaluate fruits and vegetables to get the healthiest, most responsibly grown produce available. (read more…)

How to buy sustainably sourced seafood and fish

Farmed or wild? Line caught, netted or ranched? Some fish species are to be avoided because their wild stocks are dwindling or vulnerable, no matter how they are caught. Others can be enjoyed so long as they are caught using less damaging methods. With some seafood, it matters very much where it is caught. (read more…)

How to buy eco-conscious drinks

Tips for buying sustainable and responsibly grown wine, beer, tea and coffee. (read more…)

Ethical food on a budget

Our best tips for buying the healthiest, local, seasonal food on a budget. (read more…)

Creating a sustainable kitchen

Our best tips for cooking, not-toxic cleaning, and how to reduce, reuse and recycle kitchen waste.

Find affordable eco-friendly trash bags

Shop for BPA-free food and kitchenware

Find deals on your favorite organic foods

Kitchen gloves can help reduce salmonella contamination in the kitchen

Learn how to make anything from scratch to create delicious, affordable meals

Proper food storage prevents food waste and saves money

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