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Federal Crop Insurance

Federal Crop Insurance: what is it and why does it matter? Unlike other forms of insurance, the Federal Crop Insurance scheme not only protects farmers from revenue losses due to lower than average yields but it also covers farmers who do not receive their expected revenue due to fluctuations in the marketplace.
2012 Food Legislation

2012 Food & Agriculture Legislation

Laws have an enormous impact on how your food is produced and what you are allowed to know about it. 2012 saw some important legislation (or lack, thereof) that will effect the food you eat.
New Zealand Food Bill

New Zealand’s Food Bill: trade food, go to jail

New Zealand’s laws to ban citizens from trading home grown food has chilling effects on hyper-local foodsheds and urban farming. In response to a growing demand for urban agriculture, and an ever lengthening list of threats to food security, city governments all over the world have been faced with the challenge to augment city planning…

Organic Kerala

Alongside China, India is quickly taking the lead in the global movement to convert farmland to certified organic crops.One Indian state implements sweeping change in a move to shifting to 100% organic production.