Skip the weird flavors, cheap ingredients, chemicals, high price and packaging. Making salad dressing from scratch is easy.



Often when we are strapped for time we look to salads for a quick healthy meal—whether at the dinner table or a lunch on the go. But if you look at the ingredients listed on your store bought salad dressings you’ll often find more sugar, cheap oils, and preservatives than would be deemed “healthy.” Making your own salad dressing is healthier because you can control what goes in, as well as the quality and freshness of those ingredients.

The basics of making your own salad dressing are simple. The most basic rule is a 3:1 ratio of oil to vinegar. Here are a few recipes for some of your favorite salad dressings.

From the basics to your favorites

The very basics of making your salad dressing from details the historical background on salad dressings as well as lists recipes for basil, buttermilk, cobb, creamy cucumber, traditional French, and ginger salad dressing.

Basic vinaigrette dressing with 8 variations from

Recipes from for ranch, Italian, creamy blue, balsamic vinaigrette, and ceasar salad dressing.

And 10 salad dressing recipes from, including tomato-paprika, seasame-miso, cilantro-lime, Asian dressing, classic vinaigrette, creamy buttermilk, basil, white wine, curry-yogurt, and a citrus vinaigrette.

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