Save money, reduce packaging and make sure you are eating the highest quality ingredients by making your own dairy and non-dairy yogurt from scratch.

DIY yogurt recipes
A pinch of cinnamon and a dollop of raw local honey make home made sheep’s milk yogurt a perfect snack.

Here are some DIY yogurt recipes and suggestions to get you started.

Choosing to buy dairy products from organically fed cows that have been pasture raised can turn the usual 99c cup of Dannon into a snack that really weighs on your weekly grocery bill.  Some decide to shell out a few extra dollars for this delectable treat.  Others opt to eat less dairy by switching to a delicious, dairy alternative yogurt.  But why pay the big bucks when you can make your own yogurt at a fraction of the price?

At first glance, the recipe for making your own yogurt may seem a tad lengthy.  But before you go running back to the convenience of the yogurt isle, compare store bought yogurt to one that you could make at home.

The recipe for homemade yogurt does not involve any preservatives, chemicals, flavorings, colorings, or an overdose of sugar.  Storing this treat in reusable containers reduces packaging that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill or need to be recycled. You can extend the shelf life of your sustainably raised milk by turning it into a probiotic rich product that remains fresh in the fridge longer.

Furthermore, for those who are lactose or casein intolerant, or those of you who choose to consume little or no dairy, you can make yogurt out of a variety of alternative ingredients including cashew, almond and coconut.  Many people who are lactose and even casein intolerant have found they are able to digest raw (unpasteurized) cow milk, or have an easier time digesting sheep or goat milk, all of which make wonderful home made yogurts.

From traditional to Greek style; fruit at the bottom to dairy alternativehere are a few home made yogurt recipes to make a wonderful yogurt tailored to your taste.

DIY dairy yogurt recipe

Here is a comprehensive, basic recipe from Michael W. Reeps

Michael also offers a version for making Greek yogurt

Like fruit at the bottom?  Try this recipe from Simple Bites

You can also blend your favorite homemade berry compote into yogurt making a delicious dish for breakfast or even pop it in the freezer to make your own frozen yogurt.

DIY vegan yogurt recipe

Making your own coconut or almond milk is so simple that it may very well become a new breakfast staple for you and your family.  Follow our publisher’s tutorial on making this key ingredient in non-dairy yogurt.

Cashew yogurt from Sweet Freedom Blog 

Raw Vegan Yogurt from Whole Young Coconuts

Coconut yogurt from Wonderland Kitchen

Almond yogurt from Gluten Free Girl

More DIY yogurt resources

How to buy sustainable milk and dairy: what you need to know about dairy to make ethical, humane and healthy choices

Yogurt makers: these counter top machines make yogurt making a snap.  If you think the recipes above are too tricky, consider using one of these.  They pretty much do all the work for you.

The Yogurt Bible

The Book Of Yogurt

Homemade Living: Home Dairy with Ashley English: All You Need to Know to Make Cheese, Yogurt, Butter & More

Yogurt: More than 70 Delicious & Healthy Recipes

Kitchen Counter Compost

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