Ending Plastic Pollution: Alternatives to Plastic Straws

Sustainability isn’t just about giving up all your favorite stuff…

It used to be going green started with a long list of stuff you had to stop doing, stop using, stop buying. And there wasn’t always a realistic option to replace what you’d given up. But these days there are better options becoming available all the time.

Straws made from hay!

We reached out to our friends over at Thirsty Bear, San Francisco’s first certified organic craft brewery to see what their tip of the moment is for banishing plastic, and as expected, they’ve got a good one!

There’s been a huge spotlight on straws lately. Fact is, we use a ton of them worldwide, and they end up clogging up beaches, landfills and even when we try to recycle them…it really doesn’t work.

Tim Mullins, General Manager at Thirsty Bear gives a thumbs up to straws made of hay. Tim says they work a treat for cocktails, iced tea, lemonade — any and all drinks that need a straw!

They’re natural, go right in the compost and hold up well in drinks (like that rather tempting sangria pictured above!) Whether you’re in the restaurant business or just looking for alternatives for home…go check these straws out on Amazon. They’re made out of hay, gluten free and totally compostable.

Ever consider silicone straws? Check prices here.

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