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Los Angeles Saturday Farmers Markets: Marina del Rey

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When you think of Los Angeles beaches, the first things that come to mind are probably Instagram sunsets and surfers. But LA is also home to some fantastic local food and food makers. From small urban farmers growing organic microgreens to raw local honey to CBD treats for dogs — there’s a lot to discover at the Marina del Rey farmers market on Saturdays.

Global Farmers Market: Buying Coffee Directly from Growers

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Coffee farmers devote years to producing top quality beans enjoyed by coffee lovers around the world. However, due to a lengthy and inefficient supply chain, these largely independent farmers are rarely rewarded with financial security. Inspired by a Nicaraguan women’s coffee cooperative, Noushin Ketabi, Rob Terenzi and Will DeLuca founded Vega Coffee to help give farmers a larger share of the global coffee market. Tell us about Vega Coffee. How are you working to make the coffee trade more equitable for farmers? “We started Vega to completely reinvent coffee’s broken supply chain. Specialty coffee farmers often earn around $1 per…

Farmers’ Market Romance

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I dreamed I was at a farmers’ market trying to promote fresh, clean wholesome food. A very handsome, young man came to join me at the booth, sharing my enthusiasm for organic food. Naturally, I became absolutely smitten.

Summer Is Basil Season: Try This Easy Vegan Pesto Recipe

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It’s summer, which means basil season is in full swing. Either you are harvesting ample, fragrant basil from your herb garden, getting bunches of it in your CSA or buying it marvelously fresh at your local farmers market. Now is the time to make pesto, one of the most delicious and versatile sauces of the season.

Seasonal Vegetables Rich In Calcium

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It’s high summer in the northern hemisphere, and that means your local farmers market is in full swing, offering a cornucopia of ripe, fresh local food. While most people associate dairy with food high in calcium, there are whole, fresh vegetables and nuts that provide this crucial mineral.

Waste-Free Kitchen Holiday Tips

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With the appropriate planning, you can save money this holiday season without throwing your food ethics out the window.  Forget canned green beans, factory farmed turkey and pre-packaged stuffing.  This year, serve your family a healthy, delicious holiday feast and avoid food waste. The winter holidays are all about abundance—being surrounded by friends and family,…

Chef & Farmer: Alex Seidel of Fruition Restaurant

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Restaurants with their own farms gain a unique appreciation for what it takes to produce quality food. Chef Alex Seidel has gotten a lot of positive attention for his expertly prepared, eco-conscious cuisine at Denver’s Fruition Restaurant. The Wisconsin native was recognized in 2010 by Food and Wine Magazine as one of the best new…

Farm to Table Restaurants: Chef Daniel Corey of Luce San Francisco

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Chef Daniel Corey talks to us about seasonal menus, Luce’s green certification and the trend toward sustainability in the restaurant industry. Long before San Francisco-based restaurant Luce received its official Green Dining Certification from the Green Restaurant Association, the establishment had already committed to keeping things fresh, local, seasonal and sustainable. Today Luce is one…

Food Is Free Project

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Fresh, healthy, nourishing food is a human necessity. However, in modern society, food often comes with high out-of-pocket and environmental costs, is increasingly depleted of nutrients and is produced miles from where it is enjoyed, offering consumers little to no connection to the farmer or the growing process. These troubling aspects of modern food production…

Urban Gardening For Profit

Are you ready to turn your lawn into a farm and make money at the same time? The creators of SPIN-farming—or Small Plot Intensive farming—are confident that anyone can follow their urban farming model and earn an income from farming on less than an acre of land. SPIN farming was created by Wally Satzewich and Gail Vandersteen of Saskatchewan Canada in an online learning series at Their business model and method of farming focuses primarily on growing high value crops, high yielding crops, companion planting, and much closer spacing than conventional farming methods allow; SPIN farming maximizes efficiency on…

Urban Rooftop Farms

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In cities, farmers are looking to rooftops to provide fresh food for urban populations. One of the major environmental and aesthetic problems with urbanization is the lack of available open space and the distinctive absence of greenery in lieu of concrete and asphalt. One of the solutions that urban farmers have started to pursue is the use of rooftops as viable space to grow food. These rooftop farms are ideal for growing food because they have access to direct sun light for most of the day and they make use of previously underutilized spaces without competing for expensive land at…

Annabelle Randles: What are the benefits of being flexitarian?

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For some people, adopting a strict vegan or vegetarian diet — whether it’s for health, social, environmental or animal welfare-related reasons — can be a challenge. Embracing the flexitarian approach, however, offers meat lovers the perfect, self-determined degree of wiggle room. Flexitarianism simply advocates plant-based diets that include the occasional steak or pork chop, allowing adherents the flexibility…

Does Convenience Make Life Better?

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When I first became aware of how my food choices were affecting my health, my community and the environment, I set out to make changes in my life to reflect my values, my desire to not participate in the exploitation and careless destruction that seemed to be built into our modern food system.  I felt…

How To Eat Sustainable Clean Food On A Budget

Healthy. Local. Seasonal. Organic. Our best tips on buying sustainable food for less. 1. Drastically reduce the amount of processed foods you buy Processed foods can cost five times as much as home made, and often the ingredients are low quality.  Even certified organic processed foods can actually contain more filler, sugar and dubious additives…

How To Buy Sustainable Produce

The best fresh produce is local, seasonal and organically grown…but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be sporting an organic label. Learn about the issues facing sustainable, local food production and how to evaluate and purchase clean, sustainable produce. Organically grown vs certified organic Certified organic produce is grown in a way that conforms with…

How To Buy Local Seasonal Food

Eating local, seasonal foods is healthier for you and the planet.  Here are our favorite tips to help you buy local seasonal food. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) If you’re looking for the freshest local food on a budget, CSA and subscription schemes save time and money. read more… Rise of the urban farm Live in…

How To Buy Milk, Cheese & Dairy

Over the past 50 years the answer to a simple question—where does milk come from?—has changed. Here’s what you need to know about where modern milk comes from, how to evaluate milk labels and how to buy humane, healthy dairy products. On this page: What are the issues with conventional dairy? Are dairy cows given…

How To Buy Eggs

With so many labels out there that both inform and mislead, here’s what you need to know about how to buy healthy, humanely produced eggs. On this page: What to avoid Understanding labels The importance of free range and pastured eggs Checklist for buying great eggs Where to find healthy, humane eggs Eggs have gone…

How To Buy Chicken & Poultry

Everything you need to know to buy healthy, sustainable, humanely raised poultry. Want to know how to buy healthy eggs? Click here to jump to our egg buying guide. On this page: Know the issues Understanding labels The importance of free range and pasture raised Checklist for buying healthy humane poultry Where to buy poultry…

The Scandalous Honey Trade

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Known as “honey laundering,” one of the most pervasive international food scandals of our time is centered on illegal honey trading. Chinese honey tainted with heavy metals or banned antibiotics is flooding the global markets. Find out how to avoid buying fake or tainted bootleg honey.

Artisan Cheese Making: Cowgirl Creamery

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Eden Canon interviews Sue Conley, co-founder of Cowgirl Creamery, to discuss the practice of artisan cheese making, the importance of sourcing locally, and the environmental impact of cheese production. When we pick up groceries at the store, we rarely consider each product’s environmental impact in light of its production chain—from farm, to processor, to distributor,…

Carriage House Farm

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Meet farm manager Richard Stewart, garden manager Kate Cook, and native plant specialist Abby Artemisia of Carriage House Farm. In a recent interview with, they discuss the reasoning behind switching from conventional farming to using no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, why they are not certified organic, and how large agricultural corporations try to gain advantages over small independent farms.

How Urban Farms Feed The Poor

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One of the primary missions of urban farming is to provide local communities with access to clean, fresh produce. It is no surprise then, to find that urban farmers have found various ways in which their farms and neighboring edible gardens can feed the poor—who have the least access to one of the most basic necessities.