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Modern Diwali Foods: Organic & Sustainable

Modern Diwali Foods: Organic & Sustainable

This year on October 23, firecrackers will sound throughout the streets of India, as well as many other countries around the world, in celebration of Diwali—the festival of lights. But as modern lifestyles have picked up pace, the quality of the traditional festival foods has begun to change as well.…

Global Farmers Market: Buying Coffee Directly from Growers

Global Farmers Market: Buying Coffee Directly from Growers

You've heard of farm to table, but how about farm to cup? Coffee farmers devote years to producing top quality beans enjoyed by coffee lovers around the world. However, due to a lengthy and inefficient supply chain, these largely independent farmers are rarely rewarded with financial security. By giving farmers the resources to roast their own specialty, Fair Trade beans, then connecting them directly with consumers, Vega Coffee is set to revolutionize the coffee trade – and provide much needed financial stability to hard working farmers.…

Ending Plastic Pollution in Bali: Reusable Bags and Straws

Following a stroll on a lovely, yet plastic-strewn, Balinese beach, Glenn Adams and daughter Gaia Shekhinah set out on a mission. The two formed The Last Straw, a campaign that encourages island businesses to end their use of plastic straws and embrace reusable alternatives. The two spoke enthusiastically about their efforts, and their next plan to tackle plastic bag pollution.

Lexicon of Sustainability: What’s in a Word?

These days, the word sustainability has become fairly ubiquitous, but what does it actually mean? Through innovative photographic collages, short films and a traveling exhibition featuring some of the leading thinkers in food, farming and conservation, this constantly evolving project is helping change the way we think – and speak – about sustainability.

Interview With Mark Shepard of New Forest Farm

Mark Shepard has created something of an environmental oasis at his Wisconsin homestead, New Forest Farm. Shepard, a farmer and author, is a longtime proponent of restoration agriculture, the practice of recreating healthy, naturally occurring, economically viable perennial farms.